UNI Fashion Week

APRIL 26 - MAY 1, 2021

Fashion from the next generation of industry leaders. Get ready to see designs and branding based on trends, empowerment, and creativity. The annual Textiles and Apparel Fashion Show is a student-run production from conceptualization, model training, stage design, press releases and more.

Catwalk 29 is the first-ever UNI Fashion Week, introducing a different fashion show each day!

MONDAY, APRIL 26  //  7 p.m.
Redefining Dress Codes: Authentic Expressions of Identity 

TUESDAY, APRIL 27  //  7 p.m.
The Butterfly Effect

WEDNESDAY, APRIL 28  //  7 p.m.
Power to the Youth

THURSDAY, APRIL 29  //  7 p.m.

FRIDAY, APRIL 30  //  7 p.m.

SATURDAY, MAY 1  //  5 p.m.